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About Us

B&M Care provides private residential, respite and specialist dementia care for older people in and around the Home Counties. With over 40 years experience, B&M Care is a ‘family run business for families’ that boasts an extensive portfolio of 26 care homes and a longstanding success story that continues to develop its person-centred approach to improving the lives of those living with a dementia.

With a simple mission of delivering exceptional care within an enabling, high quality environment, each of our homes work within B&M Care’s Rose Model of Dementia Care: a person-centred approach that recognises the uniqueness of every individual that we care for. 

Our Locations

| Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Update |

In response to tighter restrictions and government guidelines, B&M Care will remain in a 'cocoon state' until further notice.

This means that each of our homes are still closed to all external visitors.

B&M Care would like to reassure our residents, their families, our staff and visitors that in line with our 'Coronavirus Strategy: B&M Care', we are prepared for any suspected outbreak in accordance with published NHS Guidelines.

For further information, please contact our Customer Support Team on 0333 234 1975 (Option 2).


With normal life significantly 'curbed', the level of uncertainty surrounding employment continues, and in light of this, B&M Care would like to extend the opportunity to those seeking either employment or additional hours to apply for a B&M Care Career.

Opportunities include: Full-Time, Part-Time, Bank & Flexible-Working.

| Text 'CARE' to 61122 |

St Lauras - Kings Langley

B&M Care's Rose Model of Dementia Care

B&M Care offers homes of excellence, and with this comes the company’s philosophy that all people should live in an environment that adopts the person-centred approach. For us, to be ‘person-centred’ means that our care homes embrace the B&M Care ‘Rose Model of Dementia Care’: a studies-based programme that enhances day-to-day care practice by looking at an individual as a 'whole person'.

In line with the Rose Model of Dementia Care, B&M Care’s ‘What Good Dementia Care Looks Like’ is an informational publication that explores the model in more depth, and offers an insightful checklist on a number of useful things to do when supporting an individual living with a dementia at home.

What Good Dementia Care Looks Like