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| Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Update 27th May |

B&M Care would like to reassure our residents, their families, our staff and visitors that the wellbeing of residents and staff remain our number one priority during this pandemic.


- We have successfully procured all of the essential PPE our staff need to feel confident and to lower the risk of transmission


- Residents are finding innovative ways to keep in touch with their loved ones and are enjoying socialising in the home within the distancing restrictions


- Although you can’t visit us at the moment, we will enable your visit in a virtual way through our social media channels, WhatsApp and video calls


For further information, please contact our Customer Support Team on 0333 234 1975 (Option 2).



B&M Care upholds its commitment to our communities and the wider social care sector by continuing to accept admissions. When admitting a new resident, each of our homes have clear and controlled protocols in place to ensure the safety of the individual, our residents and staff.

B&M Care is currently working towards each home having a personalised virtual tour to send to prospective families.


Coronavirus FAQs

B&M Care has outlined the steps the group continues to take to best protect our residents and staff in this dedicated FAQs section.

About Us

B&M Care provides private residential, respite and specialist dementia care for older people in and around the Home Counties. With over 40 years experience, B&M Care is a ‘family run business for families’ that boasts an extensive portfolio of 26 care homes and a longstanding success story that continues to develop its person-centred approach to improving the lives of those living with a dementia.

With a simple mission of delivering exceptional care within an enabling, high quality environment, each of our homes work within B&M Care’s Rose Model of Dementia Care: a person-centred approach that recognises the uniqueness of every individual that we care for. 

Our Locations

B&M Care's Rose Model of Dementia Care

B&M Care offers homes of excellence, and with this comes the company’s philosophy that all people should live in an environment that adopts the person-centred approach. For us, to be ‘person-centred’ means that our care homes embrace the B&M Care ‘Rose Model of Dementia Care’: a studies-based programme that enhances day-to-day care practice by looking at an individual as a 'whole person'.

In line with the Rose Model of Dementia Care, B&M Care’s ‘What Good Dementia Care Looks Like’ is an informational publication that explores the model in more depth, and offers an insightful checklist on a number of useful things to do when supporting an individual living with a dementia at home.

What Good Dementia Care Looks Like

St Lauras - Kings Langley