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Family run residential & dementia care homes for older people in & around the home counties
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Person Centred Care

What does good care look like, feel like and sound like?


At B&M Care, we offer homes of excellence and with this comes the company's philosophy that all people in our care should live in an environment that adopts the person centred approach. But what does this all mean? 

So for us, to be 'person centred', means that our care homes embrace the B&M Rose Model of Dementia Care.  

This means we take a cohesive approach and embrace social history, people's backgrounds and individual personalities. The person centred concept was developed by the late Tom Kitwood, who fostered the idea that we should see the whole person not the diseased brain, and that we should focus on the persons remaining physical abilities, cognitive abilities and emotions - not on their losses (Kitwood, 1997) With this in mind, B&M Care's Rose Model adapts and embraces Kitwood's idea that by embracing a person's life history, drawing on their life experiences and organising activities and engagement around this, we can increase their well being, and sense of contentment. 

Our environments are homely, and adapted to meet the needs of the people in our care. You will find an array of 'things to do', appropriate memorabilia, clutter and sensory objects. All bedroom doors have familiar photos to aid orientation, memory boxes and other similar items fill the corridors. Our homes offer a home from home, a place of comfort, tranquillity and life.

At B&M we solely embrace the Rose Model of Dementia Care, and with this we find that relationships between the people in our care and the staff are reinforced, which is fundamental to a person's sense of wellbeing. Furthermore, we support the people in our care by looking at the person's behaviour as a form of communication or unmet need. We tailor and deliver individualised care and engagement offering an holistic lifestyle in all of our homes.