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Family run residential & dementia care homes for older people in & around the home counties
For general enquiries call 0333 234 1975

B&M Care's Approach to Dementia Care

Our Aim is to Make Every Moment Count for a Person Living with a Dementia

Our homes will operate within a framework that supports the National Dementia Strategy. To ensure that the people in our care live well with dementia our approach takes into account that we should:

  • Adopt a person centred approach to delivering quality care by focussing on the individual, rather than focussing on their illness or on abilities they may have lost
  • Obtain life histories of all our residents, thus enabling us to provide person centred activities and occupations which resonate with their individual past lives - incorporating the bio psycho social framework which we embrace
  • Ensure that all our staff are trained and developed, to enable them to be equipped to deliver person-centred dementia care
  • Support staff to ensure they have an understanding of peoples behaviours and to ensure behaviours of concern are not deemed as challenging, but rather as attempts at communication and are monitored
  • Support our managers to be inspiring leaders in the field of dementia care
  • Provide comfort and inclusion in enabling surroundings
  • To foster an all-encompassing approach by involving families and close friends of the people in our care in the day-to-day decisions of the home
  • Promote and maintain a sense of freedom, ensuring that the people in our care are empowered to make informed choices about their lives and the care they receive