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    Night Care Assistant
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    St Andrews Care Home
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    St Andrews Care Home in Welwyn Garden City is looking to recruit full and part time night care assistants. Can you care for people as individuals, understand and fulfil their needs. If the answer to these questions is YES then we would like to hear from you. Competitive rates of pay and comprehensive training.

    Accountable to: The Chairman and Directors of B&M Care

    Report to: The Manager/Deputy Manager/Assistant Manager/Team Leader/Senior Care Assistant

    Main Responsibility: To take responsibility for the home and the residents and to endeavour to create an atmosphere of security and trust throughout the period of night duty. 

    Duties to include:

    • Ensure the home is safe and secure
    • Assist clients to bed
    • Make regular rounds in order to ensure that the needs of those residents who are awake for any reason are attended to and that any unusual occurrences are fully investigated
    • Answer call bells promptly
    • Assist with all personal care as required
    • Give extra attention to residents who are ill or who are known to wake during the night period and make hot drinks and snacks if necessary
    • Note and check incontinent residents and toilet those designated to be toileted regularly
    • Be fully aware of who is to be contacted in cases of emergency, both senior staff members and emergency services
    • Be fully aware of procedures in case of a fire
    • Be aware of all emergency procedures especially those that affect the health and safety of the residents
    • Know the location of the night drugs, the procedure with regards to their administration and dispensing and who is to receive them 
    • Ensure that all events of the night are entered in individual care plans
    • Attend all staff meetings (held at convenient times during the day)
    • Avail yourself of opportunities to train in order to obtain greater knowledge of the task
    • To assist with cleaning and laundry duties whenever necessary
    • This is a waking duty. you are expected to perform either care duties or assist with cleaning duties throughout the duration of the entire night shift

    The duties listed above are the basic tasks expected of a Night Care Assistant in the normal course of their duty but you should recognise that there will be variations and some expectancy of flexibility in order to cater for individual residents and their requirements.

    This job description may be changed or varied according to the future needs of the residents or the changing trends of care