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Family run residential & dementia care homes for older people in & around the home counties
For general enquiries call 0333 234 1975

Mission Statement

Our vision is to ensure that we offer homely enabling environments that encourage our staff to support the people we care for.  Our primary aim is to be a centre of excellence to better help people in our homes, as well as in the wider community.

Our mission is to provide an excellent standard for all people in our care. At B&M Care, we work within the B&M Care Rose Model of Dementia Care which is underpinned by the person-centred model of care: an approach that recognises the unique personalities of the people we care for.

B&M Care believes that every person in our care has the right to fulfil an independent lifestyle in a safe environment that offers freedom of choice, privacy, and dignity. Further to this, the care that we offer is delivered in a non-discriminatory way to ensure individuals have the right to live as full and meaningful life as possible.

We are committed to our policy of quality. For us, that means delivering highly-personalised care by our experienced, trained staff, so that an individual's care needs are met in quality, homely, and enabling environments.

Our values ensure that we fulfil our vision and mission and are guided by the needs of the people we care for the staff we employ. We ensure that our values of …

  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Empowerment
  • Staff Development
  • Dementia Leadership
  • Sense of Community
  • Meaningful Partnerships

...are upheld and embedded within the fabric of our company.